Majestic Views looking over the Pacific Ocean

Views from the open terrace at Fisherman’s Wharf Shirahama is nice and highly recommened.

Especially at sunset, it is good for couples, too.

Would you like to have dinner with views of sunset?

In summer, you can enjoy beautiful fireworks display at night while having comfortable sea breeze.e.

Fresh Fish and Shellfish caught from fishing port directly in front of you

This is a newly opened attraction in Nanki-Shirahama where you can enjoy the ocean and its seafood.

You can spend your time at the fish market, diving, restaurants, beer garden, cafeterias and fishing with your family in Nanki-Shirahama.

Fish and seafood lined up at the fish market and restaurants are caught from Yuzaki fishing port just in front of Fisherman’s Wharf Shirahama.

We are proud of the freshness of our marine products brought to our seafood market within 5 minutes of being brought to port.

Meals use fresh fish and seafood and specialty food in Kumano

Fisherman’s Wharf Shirahama provides restaurants serving fresh fish and seafood from Yuzaki fishing port and Nanki-Kumano grown vegetables.

  • Japanese Dining Banya

  • Italian Dining Scarpetta

  • Beer・Garden Club Caribbean

Leisure in Shirahama

There are fishing plans for family and experienced divers may enjoy the bay at Fisherman’s Wharf Shirahama. You might get a big fish!!

We suggest you board a fisherman’s boat and enjoy a fishing experience with your family.

If you may enjoy marine diving in Nanki-Shirahama where many types of sea creatures can be seen on the rugged sea bed due to the effects of the Kuroshio current.

For a uniquely different experience, you may want to try and make hot spring eggs on your own at Kishu Umedori chicken’s corner.

Floor Map

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