Japanese Dining Banya

Japanese Dining using Kishu grown materials in season.
A variety of set menu, bowl dishes, sashimi, sliced raw seafood, hot pots and others using fresh seafood caught on the same day are offered daily. You must visit Ban-ya and taste.
White and beautiful Shirarahama beach can be seen from Japanese style room and terrace.

Set menu of local fish (※Type of Fish may change dependent upon what is caught on the day)

Open Hours

Lunch 11:00~15:00(Last Order 14:00)
Dinner 17:00~22:00(Last Order 21:00)

Closed : Tuesday (If national holiday falls on Tuesday, it is closed on other day)

※Golden Week, summer season, the end and beginning of the year : Open Hours and menu may change. For details, please contact us.



Shirasuna Special Set Menu


Tax not included

Set Meal including Kishu Oval Squid 5,500 yen
Set Menu with Kishu Natural Sea Bream ( All dishes of Sea Bream ) 3,500 yen
Banya Manpuku Satisfactory Set Meal 1,980 yen
Jizakana Local Fish Set Meal 1,650 yen
Shirasuna Special Set Meal 1,320 yen
Set Meal with Natural Sea Bream head (Simmered Sea Bream including its head ) 1,500 yen
Banya Tempura Set Meal 1,500 yen
Jizakana Kaisen Don ( Rice Bowl of Local Fish and Seafood ) 1,380 yen
Banya Tendon ( Rice Bowl of Tempura ) 1,500 yen
Banya Shirasu Don ( Rice Bowl of Shirasu or white tiny fish steamed ) 1,000 yen
Kid’s Plate 980 yen


Chef’s Special of 5 kinds of Sushi 1,000 yen
Pressed Sushi with Natural Sea Bream on top 850 yen

■Sliced Raw Seafood

Kishu grown Live Ise-ebi Spiny Lobster ( Sliced Raw Lobster in its original form ) 3,000 yen ~
Assorted Sliced Raw Seafood 1,500 yen
Sliced Raw Natural Sea Bream 1,300 yen
Today’s Special of Sliced Raw Seafood 1,150 yen
Sliced Raw Turban Shell ( Two pieces ) 1,500 yen

■Deep Fried Food

Assorted Tempura 1,500 yen
Tempura made from Kishu Ise-ebi Spiny Lobster 3000~ yen
Tempura made from Squid 800 yen
Tempura made from Local Fish 800 yen
Tempura made from Prawn ( 5 pieces ) 1,200 yen
Deep Fried Local Fish 900 yen
Deep Fried Octopus 650 yen
Local Fish Deeply Fried with bread crumbs 650 yen
Prawn Deeply Fried with bread crumbs 650 yen
Tuna Croquette 800 yen
French Fries 400 yen
Bone Cracker of Tachiuo Frost fish 400 yen

■Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice 200 yen
Steamed Rice Set( Steamed Rice ・Miso Soup ・Pickles ) 400 yen
2 pieces of Grilled Rice Ball ( With cooked Rice of Natural Sea Bream ) 400 yen
2 pieces of Rice Ball ( Fillings : Pickled plum or kelp) 350 yen
Rice in Soup ( Toppings : Nori layer or Pickled Plum ) 450 yen

■【Seasonal Special】Fresh Utsubo eel ( Recommendation)

Scheduled to serve it from the mid October
Small pot of Utsubo Eel 1,200 yen
Thinly Sliced Raw Utsubo Eel 1,300 yen
Seared Utsubo Eel Slices 1,000 yen
Utsubo Eel Broiled with soy sauce 1,000 yen
Deep Fried Utsubo Eel 1,000 yen

※Tax not included
※Menu and dish containers might be changed dependent upon what is caught on the day and season.