BBQ&Beer Hall Club Caribbean

BBQ&Beer Hall     Club Caribbean

Operation Period

mid-March~late Octorber

Open Hours

11:00~15:00(Last Order 14:00)
18:00~22:00(Last Order 21:00)
Golden Week ・ Summer season only

Closed : Daily Open

Facilities Charges

1 group (2~6 people)  ¥500
1 group (7~12 people) ¥1,000
※Group charge includes stove, seasonings and others.
※All excluded tax


We don’t accept outside food and drink except the Fish Market on the 1st floor .
Drink, meat, vegetables and seafood can be ordered Roof-top Floor.
BBQ corner is self-service. Thank you for your understanding.
Please note that we shall not be responsible for any loss, accidents and troubles in our restaurant. Thank you for your understanding.


Ise-ebi Lobster

Food materials for BBQ at Fresh Seafood Market on 1 F ( Preference Price )

Fresh Scallop 400 yen
Turban Shell 300 yen
Ise-ebi Lobster ( 100g ) 800 yen
Hiokigai Scallop 300 yen
Fresh Tiger Pawn 500 yen
※Food materials will be at market price. Those prices are reference guide.
※Tax not Included

Assorted Seafood for BBQ


Assorted Seafood for BBQ ( 2 servings ) 2,800 yen
Meat set ( 2 servings ) 2,200 yen
( Beef・ Pork・ Chicken・ Sausage )
Vegetable set ( 2 servings ) 800 yen
※Tax not included

The Premium Malt beer


All you can drink ( 90 minutes ) 2,000 yen
The Premium Malt beer 500 yen
Non-alcoholic Beer 400 yen
Chuhai ( Japanese Spirit with Soda ) 400 yen
Cocktail 700 yen
Highball ( Whiskey and Soda ) 500 yen
Soft Drink 400 yen
※Tax not Included

Club Caribbean Only! All you can drink for 90 min.

Club Caribean Only! All you can drink for 90 min.

All you can drink for 2 hours ( 90 minutes ) at 2,000 yen ( Tax included 2,,160 yen ) per person. There are many kinds of drinks including Beer, Chuhai(Japanese spirit with soda), Cocktail, Shochu(Japanese spirit) and others.
This is available only for 4 people or more. Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, there are a wide variety of menus.